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20 July 2010

Have Sex Appeal, Film Stars Do not Have to Face

You ever thought why a man with normal facial attractiveness or charm that amazing?

Erotic capital, as described by sociologist Catherine Hakim of the London School of Economics in 2010 through the paper consists of a set of attributes including physical fitness, good maintenance, superior social skills, and sex appeal.

When all components are merged into one, then this characteristic to form a strong personal assets.

Every man wants to have a strong sex appeal. But to get the sex appeal, you do not need to have a face like a movie star.

You need only enough of the right body language, a healthy dose, confidence, talent for flirting, and amazing cologne.

Body language is an important gesture that shows your character. For men's body language was closed, usually marked with crossed hands in the chest.

With hands in pocket and your body slightly bent, then this gives the impression that you are a defensive guy. Meanwhile, to demonstrate transparency, open body language shows that you're comfortable with yourself.

Frontal face with your spine straight, head held high, and an open leg position separately convey a signal that you are self-confident figure, influential in controlling attitude.

Where this attitude is the easiest step to make a woman turn on.

Furthermore, because women are programmed to recognize the smell when choosing a partner, you also have to wisely choose the perfume.

Find a perfume that complements your natural body odor that smelled sexy. And most importantly, you are obliged to learn to read body language of women.

If he looks at you, then turn away, then looked again, it is ascertained that he is interested in you.

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Cope with Wair Loss After Childbirth

After birth, usually the body's metabolism becomes abnormal. That usually happens to anyone who had recently given birth. And you do not need to feel anxious and uncomfortable about it.

Much could be done so that we can return to normal hair and more beautiful than yesterday.

One of the treatments that we should do is use a hair vitamin regularly.

For hair that looks dry and dull, you can also use a mild shampoo for daily care.

And one expert tips from one of the hair is try not to have hair that is too long for people whose hair is easy to fall out.

At the hair root is not strong enough to worry about sustaining hair extension. So should think again how long your hair.

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19 July 2010

Aji Notonegoro Career on the Brink of Collapse

Adjie Notonegoro is one of the leading designers from Indonesia. His works has been published and received much good either in domestic or foreign.

Children from this Prayitno Djati also been awarded many from within and outside the country for a unique and original designs.

His works are also used by many famous people from among artists, businessmen and heads of state. Starting from the former president Abdurrahman Wahid, Bill Clinton, to Fidel Castro.

Adjie had studied in school mode Mueller und Sohn in Germany and then to Paris and Italy to deepen their knowledge.

But recently, Adjie tangled legal case, which requires him to deal with the police because of embezzlement of gold jewelry worth Rp 3.11 billion for Melvin Chandrianto Tjhin or Mervin.

In early May 2009. Adjie also had to deal with the authorities. This is because he reported his business partner, Joseph Wachyudi.

According to Yusuf, Adjie had borrowed money amounting to Rp 147 million to him for purposes of procurement staff uniforms Bank Rakyat Indonesia. However, Adjie was until recently not paid these debts.

According to Sonny who is also a renowned fashion observer, Adjie Notonegoro designers have damaged the profession. The reason is not very Adjie commit fraud, but problems like this had happened a few years ago.

"The designers actually closed my eyes. They pretend not to know with the likes of leadership behavior in debt, but never intend to return, "Sonny's story to one of the Indonesian media.

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Haute Couture Increasingly Dim Light

Haute Couture is the creation and collection intended exclusively for consumers that characteristic. Materials used to make a fashion is usually of high quality, expensive, and sewn by seamstress-tailor their own experience.

early emergence of haute couture designation name originated from a British art worker Charles Frederick Worth's in Paris in the mid-nineteenth century.

In paris, haute couture is a name that is "protected" which may only be used for large companies that meet certain standards.

but lately, more and more dim light and haute couture fashion house rather than show grande private performances and avant-garde that had become characteristic of haute couture.

It is simply and solely because the two people that influenced Haute couture in serious trouble.

Christian Lacroix's call that went bankrupt and the pullback of Givenchy Haute Couture Paris performances. It also became increasingly benchmark light ruination haute couture in Paris.

Givenchy told the media that he will no longer demonstration adibusananya collection at Paris Haute Couture catwalk because she planned demonstration in a private collection only to clients and fashion editors.

"We want to bring couture in an atmosphere that is more special and personalized for each client, not just a catwalk show," said Tisci. "In the show closed, consumers can get a couture moment with a more condensed," he continued.

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Michael Kors to Open a New Boutique

You must know Michael Kors is not it? we assume that you do not really know or had only heard a glimpse of his name.

Michael Kors is an American Top fashion designers. "Michael Kors" Also refers to his brands of apparel and Fragrances.

Michael Kors is the son of Joan Anderson Krystosek Kors, who is also a former professional model. He was born on 9 August 1959 precisely in Long Island, New York.

One a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology is never get peghargaan for their hard work in 1999 CFDA award for womenswear designer of the year 2003 CFDA award for Menswear Designer of the year.

Recently, one of Kors opened his new boutique in the West Village, precisely at 384 Bleecker Street.

Kors called one of his new boutique store it as a lifestyle. Boutique is a total of approximately 1475 square meters.

"The history of both the location and the building will be the flavor complement to our brand and will bring a unique shopping experience for consumers". he told the media some time ago.

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