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20 July 2010

Have Sex Appeal, Film Stars Do not Have to Face

You ever thought why a man with normal facial attractiveness or charm that amazing?

Erotic capital, as described by sociologist Catherine Hakim of the London School of Economics in 2010 through the paper consists of a set of attributes including physical fitness, good maintenance, superior social skills, and sex appeal.

When all components are merged into one, then this characteristic to form a strong personal assets.

Every man wants to have a strong sex appeal. But to get the sex appeal, you do not need to have a face like a movie star.

You need only enough of the right body language, a healthy dose, confidence, talent for flirting, and amazing cologne.

Body language is an important gesture that shows your character. For men's body language was closed, usually marked with crossed hands in the chest.

With hands in pocket and your body slightly bent, then this gives the impression that you are a defensive guy. Meanwhile, to demonstrate transparency, open body language shows that you're comfortable with yourself.

Frontal face with your spine straight, head held high, and an open leg position separately convey a signal that you are self-confident figure, influential in controlling attitude.

Where this attitude is the easiest step to make a woman turn on.

Furthermore, because women are programmed to recognize the smell when choosing a partner, you also have to wisely choose the perfume.

Find a perfume that complements your natural body odor that smelled sexy. And most importantly, you are obliged to learn to read body language of women.

If he looks at you, then turn away, then looked again, it is ascertained that he is interested in you.


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