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19 July 2010

Aji Notonegoro Career on the Brink of Collapse

Adjie Notonegoro is one of the leading designers from Indonesia. His works has been published and received much good either in domestic or foreign.

Children from this Prayitno Djati also been awarded many from within and outside the country for a unique and original designs.

His works are also used by many famous people from among artists, businessmen and heads of state. Starting from the former president Abdurrahman Wahid, Bill Clinton, to Fidel Castro.

Adjie had studied in school mode Mueller und Sohn in Germany and then to Paris and Italy to deepen their knowledge.

But recently, Adjie tangled legal case, which requires him to deal with the police because of embezzlement of gold jewelry worth Rp 3.11 billion for Melvin Chandrianto Tjhin or Mervin.

In early May 2009. Adjie also had to deal with the authorities. This is because he reported his business partner, Joseph Wachyudi.

According to Yusuf, Adjie had borrowed money amounting to Rp 147 million to him for purposes of procurement staff uniforms Bank Rakyat Indonesia. However, Adjie was until recently not paid these debts.

According to Sonny who is also a renowned fashion observer, Adjie Notonegoro designers have damaged the profession. The reason is not very Adjie commit fraud, but problems like this had happened a few years ago.

"The designers actually closed my eyes. They pretend not to know with the likes of leadership behavior in debt, but never intend to return, "Sonny's story to one of the Indonesian media.


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